Dish rack made of pencil tips

As a designer, I use a big quantity of drawing pencils every year. I never know what to do with them when they get to small so they stay in my pencil case (wich soon looks pregnant). For me, rule number one in design drawing is « Never use an eraser ». Small mistakes can bring big ideas. For this reason, the little pink rubber at the end of my pencils never get the chance to be used. Determined not to trow them away, I came with this idea of a dish rack. I've been using it for months now and I can say that I am quite satisfied so here is the step by step :

1- You will need to start drawing a lot or find somebody who does. Any wooden pencil with an eraser at the end will do the job. If you are the type of person who chews the tip their pencils... this project might not be for you.

2- Cut all the pencil tips to the same length. If you cut them too long, your plates wont fit and if you cut them too short be careful with your fingers. I suggest a length of six centimeters.  You can use manual saw or band saw and put a mask because the core of the pencil is lead based.

3- Once you have enough pencils (more than 30), find a good support. I used a wooden cutting board because it is cheap, easy to drill and looks good.

4- I printed a drilling template to make sure  every hole was equally distant. I used a size 1/4 wood drill for 1,5 cm deep holes. Depending on the thickness of your plates, the distance between each hole should be between 3 cm and 6 cm.

5- Depending on the pens you used, you might have to adjust the holes. You should be able to insert the pencils in the board manually. One little truck is to use a sharpener to cut the edge of the pencil tips. This will make the insertion way easier.

6- You are done!
You can now use the organizer to dry your plates and bowl or even use it as a magazine holder.